Saving files to ISO standards

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used to represent documents in a manner independent of software, hardware or operating systems. If the PDF file is not saved with the correct settings, it can present problems for the printer, such as fonts not being embeddded. There is a subset of the PDF format called PDF/X which is a ISO standard for graphics exchange in the print industry. This standard aims to ensure that common problems with PDF files are avoided. This video shows how to save files from Adobe CS using this ISO standard. We strongly recommend the PDF/X standard to ensure that your artwork file is print ready.

Packaging Indesign Files

Sometimes your publication can get complicated with several elements making up an Indesign file. Fortunately Indesign includes a publisher feature that collects all fonts and images associated with the job. See the video above on how to use this feature.

Digital Print Artwork Guidelines

Many of you are used to submitting CMYK files to commercial printers but did you know that RGB files can work with our digital presses and can provide much richer colours? This is just one of the key differences between submitting files for traditional offset or digital printing.

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